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East Bay Cyclist and Attorney Kyle Smith works exclusively with bicycle crash victims in Northern California.

Let’s go further together.

By riding in a paceline, cyclists can reduce wind drag by as much as 50%. Hiring a lawyer should work the same way, reducing friction and making your life easier.

If you’ve been injured on your bike and need legal help, I am here to work with you and take on the headwinds of your legal troubles. Let’s go further together.

Areas of Practice

Bicycle Collisions

Collisions are an unfortunate reality for cyclists. Even when you do everything right, distracted drivers can cause serious harm in an instant. A bike accident calls for a bike lawyer to help you recover. Insurers don’t always understand the laws surrounding bikes and frequently undervalue the replacement cost of bicycles.

Defective Products

As a consumer, you trust that products you buy will be safe when used as intended. It can be hard to know what to do when your injury is caused by a product failure or recalled product, but consulting with an attorney can help you take the steps you need to recover.

Dangerous Road Conditions

Construction sites and unmarked hazards can turn a road ride into a trip to the hospital. Government entities and contractors owe a duty to ensure that roads are safe for cyclists even during construction. I have represented numerous cyclists injured on public roads due to unsafe conditions.
“Life is like riding a bicycle – in order to keep your balance, you must keep moving.”

– Albert Einstein

Customer Reviews

"Kyle is an amazing person and a great attorney! He helped me get a great settlement, and even helped me get a new bike since I did not feel safe riding mine! Pretty awesome musician too!"
"Boy am I glad I connected with Kyle after getting hit by a car on my bicycle. He really made it easy for me, was kind, thorough, responsive, got me the max settlement and negotiated down the health insurance company's share. It's clear that he cares, I had no problem trusting him throughout my ordeal, highly recommend!"
"Kyle was professional and thorough in his free consultation with us. I felt that his responses were honest and genuine, and I never felt rushed in our conversation. Thanks for representing cyclists in the Bay Area!"