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Do I Really Need a Bike Law Specialist?

A Bike Lawyer Understands You and Your Case

As a cyclist, I know the dangers we face sharing the road. As a lawyer, I have represented hundreds of cyclists in cases involving reckless drivers, negligent cyclists, dangerous road conditions, off leash dogs, and defective products. I have seen just about every way you can be injured on your bike. When the police get it wrong and blame the cyclist, a bike lawyer will be able to explain why the police report is legally incorrect. 

Cyclists are unique; we like Type Two Fun. Suffering is part of the sport. The downside of this intensity is that cyclists can sometimes under-treat for their injuries or be overly optimistic when speaking with police officers and medical personnel. When bike people recover from injuries, they’re trying to get back to an active lifestyle. This often means the recovery is longer than it is for others. A bike lawyer understands not just what you’re going through, but what you’re trying to get back to. 

Police Don’t Always Understand Bike Laws

Law enforcement officers often see the world with a windshield view and cyclists may face bias during collision investigations. If you end up with a police report blaming you for the collision even though you were not at fault (believe me, I’ve seen it happen), a bicycle law specialist can help educate the insurance company as to why the police report gets it wrong. If your case ends up going in front of a jury, you want a bicycle lawyer on your side to help the jurors understand your case and why the law is on your side. 

Insurance Companies Undervalue Bikes

The car-centric insurance companies don’t understand bicycles. Insurance companies replace cars all the time, but cars are one size fits all with a clear blue book value. If you need to replace a standard car model, you can easily find a used one of the same make, model, and color, or get paid for the value of the vehicle. Bikes are different. The used market is much smaller, and bikes don’t always lose value in the same way as cars. Bicycles are sized to the individual and frequently customized after purchase. You deserve to have YOUR bike replaced, not just get an undervalued check because the insurers don’t understand why they 62cm frame they found on eBay cannot replace your 54cm frame.