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Areas of Practice

Car Collisions

Cycling, walking, and skating make commuting fun and eco-friendly, but a distracted driver can change your life in an instant. By focusing on representing those injured in active transit, I fight to keep the streets safe and help you get back on your feet and back on the bike after a serious injury.

Product defects

A negligently designed or manufactured product can cause severe injury even when used exactly as the manufacturer intended. Your bike may even be subject to a recall you didn’t know about. If you’ve been hurt by a dangerous product, you’re going to want to get a lawyer. The other side definitely will.

Dangerous Road Conditions

From potholes to poorly marked construction sites, cyclists can find themselves suddenly in dangerous terrain without warning. Claims against the government are complicated and difficult, and require filing a claim within six months of the injury. I’ve helped numerous cyclists successfully make claims against government entities for injuries caused by road defects.


To stay safe, cyclists need better bike lanes and safe routes to schools. But car-centric cities often aren’t listening to their two-wheeled citizens. I make it a part of my practice to speak on behalf of the bike community and regularly take on pro bono bike advocacy initiatives.

Bike Business

Whether you’re a small bike shop, apparel company, or e-bike startup that’s going to change the world of bikes, having a lawyer who understands your needs is crucial. From choosing the right business entity to having vendor and service contracts, having a solid legal footing keeps your company safe.